As from July 1, 2016, the new SOLAS regulation will become effective.
This new regulation aims to determine a precise total weight per each container/trailer loaded on board of vessels, to ensure optimal spread of weight over the vessel’s space, leading to more
safety on board for the cargo itself, the vessels and human beings on board the vessels. While safety is our joint concern, it will affect all parties in the logistic chain, for LCL/FCL/LTL/FTL shipments.
The VGM (Verified Gross Mass) represents the joint weight of cargo, packaging materials, stowage materials and container/trailer tare.

The shipper is responsible for submission of the correct VGM, which will have to be correctly mentioned upon placing your booking.

Carriers might/will not load any container/trailer for which the VGM is missing.

Please pass on this information within your organization.

We hope to receive further information from the authorities in the upcoming months and we will keep you posted in the best possible way.

Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask your normal contact person within the ACB Group.